Morocco Cancels Parliament Members’ Retirement Plans.

A communique issued by the presidency of the Council of Representatives about the meeting of the Speaker of the House of Representatives with the heads of the teams and the parliamentary groups regarding the latest data related to the pension file management, which has known a real deficit since 2017, after which the pension disbursement process is to be ceased.

The Speaker of Parliament, the chairperson, the heads of the teams and the parliamentary group agreed to embark on applying the procedures to ensure the final liquidation of the pension system, in cooperation and coordination with the various bodies of the Council, and work to formulate the legal framework to achieve this goal.


Officials responsible for the Deposit and Management Fund gave a detailed presentation on the pension system of members of the House of Representatives, which included a review of the legal framework governing it and the contents of the terms of the agreement through which the House of Representatives was authorized to administer this system for the benefit of the Deposit and Management Fund for Reserves. The officials provided data about the nature of the system, its resources, expenses, and technical structure, as well as its important demographic and financial indicators. They also provided the elements related to the current situation, highlighting the imbalance between its resources and expenses.

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