The Death of El Harras, a Hard Pill to swallow for Skeptics.

A young prison guard, the victim of terrorism within prison walls.

Prison walls couldn’t escape extremism and terrorism. Sadly, the death of Habib El Harras, prison guard after being attacked by a prisoner who was recently arrested in connection with extremism and terrorism issues has rung the bell for numerous skeptics and supporters of the conspiracy theory when it comes to dismanteling terrorist groups in Morocco. 


The efforts made by Moroccan authorities and their vigilance in spotting and dismantling any possible terrorist organism has led a lot of people to adopt the conspiracy theory by doubting the existence of such groups within our society. However, the death of Habib El Harras has brought everyone’s attention to the devastating reality of extremists and terrorists in Morocco. 


The vigilance and organisation of Morocco keeps aborting all attempts of any extremist activities. It’s time we thought thoroughly before being skeptical or doubtful when it comes to dismantling extremist and terrorist groups. Why would Morocco be an exception? 


The incident of the death of Habib El Harras has perplexed those in favor of the conspiracy theory. Nobody has heard of their skeptical comments after this incident. Nobody has heard of them consolidating the family of Habib El Harras, only silence has struck this time. 


According to the latest information released by the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), between 2002 and 2019 Morocco dismantled 199 terrorist cells linked mainly to Daesh.  


While you might give the benefit of the doubt, prevention stays better than cure.


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