Forces Disperse Moroccan Teachers Holders of Diplomas Protesting Against Amzazi

A group of Moroccan teachers dispersed by force in front of the Ministry of Education in Rabat on the occasion of Aid Al Maoulid Annabaoui.

In a call from Abdelouahab Es-shaymi member of the national council of the national coordination of the employees of the ministry of education holders of higher degrees to Morocco Telegram.

The coordination resumed its fourth demonstration during this national holiday that coincides with the celebration of Aid Al Maoulid Annabaoui. However, they weren’t only deprived from joining their families on such occasion, but they were also the subject of forced dispersion by police officers by orders from the Ministry of Education.

The demonstrations didn’t receive any feedback from the Ministry of Education; thus, no channels were established to mitigate the situation.

The teachers, holders of diplomas, demand to be promoted on the basis of their degrees that grant them an automatic promotion. A right that other teachers benefited from during previous promotions.

Es-shaymi affirms that they cling to their right as they believe that it is fair and there is no way to fall back.

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