3000 Smartphones reported Stolen in Europe were Confiscated in Casablanca.

The confiscation is the fruit of a bilateral collaboration between Moroccan police and the Europol.

Judicial police have confiscated a large number of smartphones for sale in the electronics section of Derb Ghelaf market in Casablanca. The confiscation was the fruit of a bilateral collaboration between the Moroccan police and the Europol.

The collaboration led to the confiscation of 3000 smartphones reported stolen by users in Europe.

The investigation is ongoing to find out the traffickers behind the smuggling of these stolen smartphones and how they had smuggled them.

On their part, shop owners owning the confiscated smartphones have organized demonstrations against the company which produces the smartphones in question.

The shop owners think that the company is behind this confiscation because the smartphones in question haven’t been officially marketed yet in Morocco.

However, the representative of the company in Morocco affirmed that they hadn’t issued any complaints whatsoever and that the smartphones were reported stolen by their users in Europe.

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