France denounces Obstructions of Trade and Civil Traffic in Guerguerat

France Ambassador expresses his countries standpoint over the issue of the Moroccan Sahara at the UN.

France plainly denounced the obstruction situation in Guerguerat during the UN vote on resolution 2548 stating that the situation caused by the Polisario and its militias is likely to raise tensions and hinder the political process to find a solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

Ambassador permanent representative of France in the UN plainly expressed France’s worry about the obstruction situation in Guerguerat stating that this would lead to raising tension and obstruction of political resolution over the Moroccan Sahara dispute.

Secretary-General’s statement calls on parties to exercise self-control so as to avoid any possible escalations in Guerguerat. France supports the statement and the efforts made by the MINURSO to resolve this issue said Nicolas De Riviere.

France expressed its worry over the escalating violence stated in the latest report of the Secretary-General of the UN. The report stated multiple provocations and violations of the military agreements in the Sahara by the Polisario amounting to thousands.

Nicolas expressed his full support for MINURSO and the critical role it plays in establishing cease-fire agreement which constitutes a key factor in maintaining the stability of the area.

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