A Message of Clarity, firmness and Consistency … Bourita comments on the UN Security Council resolution

MINURSO's presence in the Moroccan Sahara is in no way linked to a “hypothetical referendum”

Moroccan Minister of foreign affairs and African cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad Nasser Bourita said today in a press release that the UN Resolution 2548, adopted by the Security Council on October 30th,2020 related to the question of the Moroccan Sahara, comes with a triple message: a message of clarity, firmness and consistency.

FM Bourita explained that the resolution clearly defines the real parties of this regional dispute, pointing out the role of Algeria. The latter was cited no less than 5 times, while this country was not mentioned at all in the resolutions prior to 2017. Thus, The Security Council calls on Algeria to assume its role and its political, diplomatic, military and humanitarian involvement in this regional dispute, for there can be no possible political process without the effective and constructive involvement of this country. The resolution also clearly implies that any solution which is not pragmatic, not realistic nor achievable and is therefore to be discarded.

The minister also said that this resolution was very clear on the political process that should only be based on round tables of negotiation, with the participation of all the parties concerned, Algeria particularly.

The Security Council’s resolution, adds the press release, was firm in underlining the humanitarian responsibility of Algeria, which has a duty to comply with its international obligations. Thus, the resolution calls on Algeria, “again, to reconsider the registration of refugees in Tindouf camps.”

Bourita also shed light on the consistency of the resolution which “preserves the achievements of Morocco”, namely the Moroccan autonomy initiative, the parameters of realism, pragmatism and compromise, which characterize it, and which is supported by many countries including permanent members of security council.

The minister emphasized that the security council did not give up to the political blackmail, banditry and harassment of the UN secretariat by the Polisario, and that the resolution definitively confirms the mandate of MINURSO, whose presence is in no way linked to a “hypothetical referendum” which is a rejected option by the Security Council.

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