Judaism in Moroccan School Curriculum

Azoulay Welcomes the Decision

Announced last November 12 by a congregation of Moroccan Jewish associations, a decision to include aspects of Jewish history and culture into the Moroccan educational system, in the Arabic-language textbooks of primary school, has just been confirmed by André Azoulay this weekend. The occasion was a ceremony for signing a partnership and cooperation agreement for the promotion of values of tolerance, diversity and coexistence in schools and universities, held in Bayt Dakira, in Essaouira.

Andréa Azoulay, advisor to HM King Mohammed VI, also president and founder of Essaouira-Mogador association, affirmed that less than a year after the visit of HM king Mohammed VI, “Bayt Dakira gave substance, reality and content to  pedagogy, to education and to sharing of all our diversities, saluting the exceptional creativity and didactic talent of the teams of the Ministry of National Education who have installed in the school curriculum from this start of the school year textbooks that tell our children the depth and place of Moroccan Judaism in the long history of our country”

“The momentum that you have fostered and the innovative partnership that you are establishing today with the Essaouira-Mogador Association and the Centre for Studies and Research on Hebrew Law in Morocco, which is based in Bayt Dakira, will be a landmark in our track records”, added André Azoulay addressing Said Amzazi, Minister of National Education.

In a statement issued on November 12, the American Sephardic Federation stated that Jewish officials worked closely with the Kingdom of Morocco and the Moroccan Jewish community to bring this project to fruition.


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