Court of First Instance orders Dissolution of AMPL

Royal Air Maroc sues Moroccan Association of Airline Pilots and leads to its Dissolution

The Court of First Instance of Casablanca ordered the dissolution of the Moroccan Association of Airline Pilots (AMPL). The verdict was delivered on November 25 thus bringing the RAM-AMPL case to an end.

The verdict comes after Royal Air Maroc had put forth a request on September 14. The request, which demanded the dissolution of the AMPL, was supported by the prosecution which went further as to demand the nullity of all the conventions signed between the association and the national company.

The conflict had exacerbated between the association and the company when the latter decided to lay off 140 of its employees as a result of the severe ramifications of Covid-19. The association turned to the justice system demanding that the employees be rehired expressing their consent to reduce their salaries.

As for Royal Air Maroc, the association does not possess the legal status that would allow it to represent or negotiate on behalf of the employees. The company emphasised that AMPL overstepped the parameters of the arena of its competence which is social work.


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