Mauritanian President Left “Polisario” Representative Hanging

Separatist "Polisario" Representative returned empty-handed from Mauritania

Nouakchott has not acknowledged or supported the efforts of the separatist “Polisario” front as they had left “Polisario” representative hanging for days before being received.

After waiting for so long to be received by Mauritanian President and only after special mediation from Algeria, the President of the Republic of Mauritania, Mohamed Ould Sheik Al-Ghazwani, has finally decided to receive the so-called Foreign Minister of the Separatist front “Polisario”, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek.

In its report on this meeting, the Mauritanian News Agency has not released any details of negotiations about the regional situation and the question of  Guerguerat Crossing or ceasefire agreement by separatist “Polisario”. They have only mentioned that separatist chief, Ibrahim Ghali, has sent Muhammad Ould Sheik Al-Ghazwani a written letter. They have also issued a short press release of Ould Salek.

This shift in Mauritania dealing with Separatist “Polisario” had taken place after His Majesty King of Morocco Mohamed VI and President of Mauritania Mohamed Ould Sheik Al-Ghazwani discussed recent developments in the region and how to improve political, economic, and security bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries. They had also tackled the ramifications of the blockade of Guerguerat Crossing by Separatist Polisario and and how it had negatively affected the Mauritanian economy and people.

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