Morocco Updates UN on Guerguerat

Morocco informs the Security Council of the latest developments in Guerguerat

Ambassador Omar Hilal of Morocco to the United Nations, Permanent Representative of Morocco, informed the members of the Security Council of recent events in the region of Guerguerat in the Moroccan Sahara, particularly the Royal Armed Forces’ successful intervention on the border crossing.

Two letters to the Executive Body as of 13 November were published, with inclusion in the records of that body, as official documents of the Security Council. Mr. Hilal stressed that the obstruction caused by the Separatist “Polisario” militia and the blockade of civil and trade movement in the roads between Morocco and Mauritania could be prevented by this procedure.

In those two letters, Hilal claimed that the action carried out by the Royal Armed Forces in Guerguerat to put an end to the unacceptable violations of the ceasefire Polisario, military agreements and decisions of the Security Council was peacefully carried out, adding that this operation was undertaken without danger or prejudice.

Mr. Hilal emphasized that during this non-offensive action no casualties were reported without any intention of attack.

It added that the Moroccan people with all their representatives, in particular the Saharan people, were accepted and universally appreciated for the legitimate work done by Morocco. It has also been strongly and effectively supported by the international community, noting that the decisive work carried out by Morocco allowed freedom of moving on the Guerguerat cross to be restored by very many African, Arab and European countries, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as by international and regional organizations.

From what was stated in the two letters, His Majesty King of Morocco Mohammed VI, affirmed, during the phone call, that following the failure of all the praiseworthy attempts of the Secretary-General, the Kingdom of Morocco assumed its responsibilities within the framework of its fully legitimate right, restored the situation to normal, and settled the problem definitively, and also restored the flow of movement.

This region is located between Morocco and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, explaining that the Kingdom of Morocco will continue to take the necessary measures to impose order and ensure the safe and smooth movement of people and goods in this region.

His Majesty the King reaffirmed to Mr. Guterres that Morocco is firmly attached to the ceasefire. With the same firmness, the Kingdom remains fully resolved to respond, with the utmost firmness, and within the framework of legitimate defense, to any threat to its security and the tranquility of its citizens.

His Majesty also assured the Secretary-General that the Kingdom supports his efforts within the framework of the political process. This process should be resumed based on clear criteria, involving the real parties in this regional conflict, and enabling a realistic and verifiable solution to be found within the framework of the kingdom’s sovereignty.

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