Royal Air Maroc Adds 4 New Routes

Rabat – RAM has announced that it has added 4 new routes to its international flight program to and from Tangiers starting from the 11th of December, connecting to the following major European cities: Madrid, Brussels, Barcelona and Malaga.

Per today’s report, the 26th of November 2020, the National Airlines stated that “in fulfillment of its obligations as the leading national air carrier, and as an essential actor to promote Moroccan tourism and to strengthen the ties of Moroccans of the world with their home country, it will develop its international flight program to and from Tangier with the addition of four new routes, as follows:

Tangier-Malaga: Five flights per week (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Tangier-Madrid: Four flights per week (Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday)

Tangier-Barcelona: Four flights per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Tangier-Brussels: Four flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)

Royal Air Maroc indicated that “this program is gradually developing, as the company is working further in order to upgrade and adapt it according to the demand,” reminding its customers that tickets are on sale on the National Company’s website:, through phone, commercial agencies and the travel agencies’ network.

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