Morocco receives Military Drones

Morocco Receives Cutting-Edge Military Drones

Morocco has finally received three Israeli-made reconnaissance drones after purchasing them back in 2014. Announced The Times of Israel.

According to French website Intelligence Online, Morocco has bought the long endurance “Heron” drones for 48 million USD developed by Israel Aerospace Industries.

French military had used the drones for surveillance operations in Afghanistan before they were decommissioned. Morocco’s purchase is part of a cutting-edge move for Morocco’s military arsenal.

The leading-edge technology of the drones allows them a non-stop 52 hours of flight. They can also be rigged up with satellite uplinks, HD camera systems and multiple surveillance gear.

The drones were first deployed in 2005. The Heron technology is adopted by different militaries around the globe. US Navy, Israel, Turkey, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, France, Azerbaijan, Greece, Germany and Singapore.

However advanced the technology might be, it is a question of strategic use of it. Thus, Morocco’s alert and flexible military force are always updated with the latest trainings.

Morocco’s purchase of the cutting-edge drones coincides with the securing of Guerguerat crossing blockade caused by separatist “Polisario” militia. A cause that raised a world-wide recognition and support for Morocco’s safe and just interference.

Separatist “Polisario” have bombarded social media outlets with viral fake news. However, Morocco’s alert intelligence agencies track the fake images and show the real story behind them.

Morocco’s purchase of “Heron” drones must be a hard pill to swallow for separatist “Polisario” funded by neighboring Algeria.







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