Covid-19, How does it attack Cells?

How does the Corona virus attack human cells?

Scientists and researchers are looking forward to finding out new secrets about the emerging Corona virus. Recently, a group of German researchers has discovered some pieces of information about the way the virus attacks the cell, and how it succeeds in building a “virus factory” inside the body in a way that may lead to death.

According to the latest research conducted by a research team from the German University of Heidelberg and reported by the German “Future Zone” website, the emerging corona virus attacks a group of organs inside the human body, including the lungs, heart, and brain, and it can also attack the testicles for males, but the way of attack differs inside the cell.
The researchers have discovered that when the corona virus infiltrates the cell, it reshapes it by creating cloned vessels for further spread inside the human body and leaving “virus factories” inside it, but in order to reach this stage, the virus hijacks a type of cell membrane in order to produce enveloped bubbles that keep growing. This was found to be responsible for the spread of the virus.

The study, which used a three-dimensional technology, has revealed that the virus uses these changes inside the cell to succeed in killing it, and the most dangerous cells that can be infected are brain cells, so even after the recovery from the virus. Scientists are worried that the health repercussions will carry on for a longer period, especially if cells of very sensitive areas are attacked.

Among the dangers of the Corona virus is that it may lead to death if the immune system’s reaction is exaggerated, according to what was confirmed by a German study, and in this case, the immune system contributes, even indirectly, in making the virus to spread more.

Earlier, virologist Matthew Freeman told the German website “gesundheitheute” that when the immune reaction is excessive, the tissues may get damaged, which makes the immune response out of control.

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