Minister of Health: Morocco will possibly return to Quarantine

Ait Taleb: Morocco will return to Quarantine if Things get out of Control

Khalid Ait Taleb, the Minister of Health, said in an interview with the Russian agency “Sputnik” that Morocco’s return to quarantine is inevitable if things get out of control.

He emphasized that the epidemiological situation in Morocco is under control, but the high number of critical cases compared to the limited capacity of the health system, especially in Casablanca, is a matter of concern.

He pointed out that Morocco has been suffering, for a long time, from many problems; most notably, shortage of human resources. He indicated that the pandemic has complicated matters, that more than 1600 cases were recorded in the medical and nursing staff.

The minister attributed the disappearance of “vitamin C” from pharmacies to citizens buying and storing large quantities of it. He confirms that Morocco produces one million doses of this vitamin every month, and is able to produce it in an amount that exceeds the real needs of citizens.

Ait Taleb: We plan to discuss the Russian Vaccine “Sputnik-V” with the Russian Minister of Health, and do our Best to start the Vaccination Campaign Mid-December.

The Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb, verified in an interview with the Russian agency “Sputnik” that the ministry is making its best efforts to start the vaccination campaign against Coronavirus in mid-December.

He expressed his hope for its period to be very short and not exceed 3 months. This way, we can go back to normal as soon as possible.

The campaign covers 80% of people over 18. Those at risk come first.

Ait Taleb highlighted the country’s benefit. That is Morocco’s participation, for the first time, in trials of multi-sourced vaccines.

He directed attention to the ministry targeting several companies during negotiations. It settled on the Chinese laboratory “Sinopharm” and the British-Swedish group “AstraZeneca”.

The minister said that he is willing to talk over the Russian vaccine “Sputnik” with his Russian counterpart next week.






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