Polisario mercenaries attack Moroccan women in France

It was documented that Moroccan women were subjected to brutal assaults by a group of separatists, some of them were carrying sticks.

The “Polisario” separatist front abroad resorts to the gang’s strategies to threaten the Moroccan community, which comes to defend the Moroccan Sahara and the royal initiative to bring back freedom of movement in Guerguerat, and to uncover the lies of the enemies of the national territorial integrity.

During the demonstration organized by members of the Moroccan community residing in France, on Saturday, in “Place de la Republique” in Paris, it was documented that Moroccan women were subjected to brutal assaults by a group of separatists, some of them were carrying sticks.

Moroccan activists on social media praised the courage of Samira Boulanouar, who appeared in the video, peacefully defending the Moroccan flag. This prompted the “Polisario” separatists to attack her in front of her children. Samira Boulanouar said that a group of separatists, men, and women, attacked her during the demonstration, to take the Moroccan flag that was in her possession; but they were not able to do so.

Moroccan commentators condemned the attack by separatists on the Moroccan woman, describing it as a “cowardly barbaric act”, calling on the members of the Moroccan community abroad to rally in this circumstance the national issue is passing through. Moroccan activists called on the Moroccan political parties and associations abroad to frame the members of the Moroccan community to confront the separatist demonstrations which are promoting false information about the Moroccan Sahara and trying to win the sympathy of the international public opinion.

The Moroccan community in France exposed the propaganda carried out by the “Polisario” front abroad to confuse the French public opinion regarding the developments of the Moroccan Sahara issue after the liberation of Guerguerat crossing, as it emphasized the issue’s justice and adherence to peace to settle the fabricated regional conflict.

Writer and journalist Sofiane al-Samarrai said that the Polisario gangs “were wearing the uniform of the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guards during their attack on demonstrations of the Moroccan community in Paris against this gang’s interference in the Moroccan Sahara.”

The Iraqi journalist added, in a post on his account on the “Twitter” social networking site, that “Iran and Algeria sympathize or support this terrorist act.”

After the failure of the “internal separatists” card, the “Polisario” Front resorted to its activists abroad, including Algerians, to put pressure on the international community and the United Nations, in a move intended to extract a supportive position after more than 40 countries showed solidarity with the Kingdom of Morocco in defending its security and territorial integrity.

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