Terrorist Groups recruit Members from Tindouf Camps

Polisario mercenaries ready-made terrorist candidates

According to “Atalayar”, a Spanish magazine specialized in Maghreb affairs, terrorist groups that are active in the Sahel recrui young people from Tindouf camps.

“Every day, more and more Sahrawis are recruited by terrorist groups operating in the Sahel, which increases the security risk and stability of the region”, affirms Javier Fernandez Arribas, Atalayr’s director.

The article also mentions the “discontent” of thousands of Sahrawis who have lived in poor conditions in Tindouf camps for many years, while their “leaders live comfortably”.

Faced with this situation, Morocco “has won the diplomatic battle over the land” thanks to the decision made by several countries to open consulates general in the southern provinces of Morocco, notably in Laâyoune and Dakhla as a sign of support for Morocco over the case of the Moroccan Sahara. Observed Mr.Arribas.

The opening of these diplomatic representations is considered “a real and tangible support” for Morocco’s position, continues the author of the article, specifying that “Moroccan diplomacy is working hard to find a definitive political solution” to the Sahara issue.

In recent years, Morocco has been able to take several steps to strengthen its position through the return to the African Union (AU) as well as the “strengthening of its political, economic, commercial and social leadership in Africa” and “the significant improvement” of its relations with the great powers such as the United States, China, and Russia, indicates the Spanish magazine.

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