Medieval Halloween Killer in Montreal, Canada.

24-year-old Man killed two People and injured others wearing Medieval Costume

The night of Halloween didn’t go peacefully in Montreal last Saturday. A 24-year-old man disguised in medieval dress attacked pedestrians wielding his sword randomly killing two people and leaving five others seriously injured in hospital.

While the investigation is still ongoing, the suspect’s motives couldn’t be linked to any terrorist organization as they were personal in nature according to Robert Pigeon, Quebec’s chief of police.

Right after the attack, citizens were asked to disperse and leave the Parliament Hill area in Quebec City’s old quarter near Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel while police were looking for the suspect.

Shortly after, police were able to get hold of the suspect and demanded that citizens keep indoors with locked doors while police swept the area.

The suspect will appear before court via video conference technology later Sunday.

While the motives behind the crime are still unclear, mental illness may have played a role in the crime according to police.

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