Amzazi provides 696 Smart Tablets to Middle School Students

Students of Rural Areas in Morocco to benefit from Smart Tablets

Moroccan Minister of Education, Said Amzazi, chaired today in collaboration with Mr. Edward Kristo, Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Morocco, and Ms. Merethe Nergaard, Norway’s Ambassador to Morocco, the launching of the distribution of smart electronic tablets to students of secondary middle schools in rural areas of Morocco.

The initiative is part of the implementation of the bilateral collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the UNDP and the Muhammadian Association of Scholars to support and promote tolerance and active citizenship as well as maintaining preventive measures taken by the Ministry to avoid the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Students of Secondary Middle schools in rural areas part of the APT2C program of Promotion of Tolerance, Citizenship and PVE (Prevention of Violence and Extremism) will benefit from 696 Electronic Smart Tablets.

The Tablets are to enable students carry on their distance learning during the exceptional Covid-19 situation that Morocco undertakes.

Students’ selection took into account strict measures respecting gender equality and prioritizing the underprivileged class in benefiting from the Tablets.

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