A Terrorist Attack hits Vienna

Austrian Minister described it as an Islamist Attack on Vienna.

Another “Islamist Terrorist” attack in Europe but this time in Vienna, Austria. Police were dispersed in hundreds across the city of Vienna this Tuesday looking for the suspects behind the attacks that had left a total of five dead people.

According to Austrian Interior Minister, Karl Nehammer, after the police had identified the attacker who was wearing an explosives belt they shot him to death to discover later the belt to be fake. Investigations linked the suspect to Islamic State supporters.

Minister of Interior had urged citizens to seek refuge indoors while the investigation was still ongoing.

The attacker resulted in the death of confirmed two men and a woman, civilians, and the injury of 15 others including a police officer.

Neighboring states had brought urgent back up of at least 1000 officers to help in the sweeping of the area according to a police spokesman.

Nehammer expressed his deep shock over the incident describing the country’s strong democracy and deeply rooted values of tolerance and coexistence.

Witnesses of the attack described suspects shooting crowds randomly in bars with automatic rifles Monday evening that coincides with the last day before the country enters the Covid-19 curfew.

The investigation is still ongoing searching homes and arresting suspects according to the Ministry of Interior.

Top officials from the European Union rushed to offer their condolences and express their shock at the attacks.

A tweet from U.S. President, Donald Trump, said that their prayers are with the people of Vienna after yet another vile act of terrorism in Europe. Donald expressed the U.S. stand with Austria, France and all of Europe to fight terrorism.

Joe Biden, democratic presidential candidate, on his part described the attack as a horrific terrorist attack, as he added that we must all stand against hate and violence.

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