Canada reports First Case of H1N2

First human to get infected by the H1N2, a rare strain of swine flu in Canada.

First case of H1N2 virus infection reported on Wednesday, November 4th by Canadian Health authorities. H1N2 is a rare strain of swine flu not to be confused with H1N1.

Health officials detected the infection in Albertans after a patient displayed symptoms of the seasonal flu. He quickly recovered after he had been tested and treated.

The case is considered the first and only one in the country during this flu season and there is no risk of contamination so far.

Health officials are investigating the source of the virus to check that it hasn’t spread further.

The H1N2 virus is not transmissible to humans via eating pork or other pig related products, officials confirmed.

H1N2, a rare type of flu in humans, is typically acquired from exposure to infected pigs and is not known to spread easily among humans. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Tweeted.

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