Corpse handed over in Exchange for Money

Scandal led by a Private Clinic in Casablanca

A nerve-racking tragedy strikes the family of a pharmacist who had died in one of the private clinics in Casablanca. The clinic obliged the family of the deceased to pay twenty million centimes 20.000$ in return for hading over the corpse of the deceased pharmacist. The amount covers a period which does not exceed one week inside the resuscitation service.

A source from MoroccoTelegram confirmed that in order for any Covid-19 patient to be admitted in the Clinic, they must provide 50 thousand dirhams (5000$) as guarantee in case of death.

The family’s refusal to pay the amount led the administration to offer a discount. The initial amount dropped to 14 million centimes 14.000$ to 70 thousand dirhams 7.000$. A source from the clinic explained that patients are looked at as a commodity. Therefore, health care is considered in terms of financial transactions.

While the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is plummeting. And as private hospitals were authorized to take charge of Covid-19 patients, they seized the opportunity to raise the admission fees in a total absence of authorities’ inspections.

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