Amzazi attends 45th Green March Memorial Ceremony

Mr. Amzazi Said, Minister of Education attended today the Green March 45th memorial ceremony organized by the Regional Academy of Education and Training Fes Meknes.

The Academy has presented different activities organized by teachers and students of the region during and after the Covid-19 lockdown.

Teachers of plastic education of the region of Fes Meknes presented their virtual artistic exhibition. The exhibition displayed different masterpieces painted during the covid-19 lockdown to reflect different aspects of the Moroccan culture. It’s a symbol of challenge during crisis to establish a bridge of communication across generations and cultures.

The host seized the chance to introduce Nabil Bensliman, a gifted common-core student who got first position Prize for piano playing after successfully completing his 8th year of piano classes.  He also won the global competition of Lalla Maryam where he got 2nd place globally and 1st place in national competitions. He played a mesmerizing piece in front of the audience that left everyone hypnotized.

Mariam Amjoune, the winner of the Arab Reading Challenge, took the floor to express how glad and proud she is to take part in the ceremony welcoming Mr.Amzazi Said. She then introduced the Regional Group of Music Education Fes-Meknes. They performed a song “We Live Together”, a song that is the fruit of a model music lesson within the framework of the theme of Global Citizenship. A collaboration between the Moroccan Ministry of Education and UNESCO. The song reflects values of Global Citizenship, standing against aspects of discrimination and hatred.

Another talent was introduced. Afraa Dahmouni, she participated in The Voice Kids, Studio Live, The Artist. She won the best voice in Fes-Meknes singing competition. She also participated in the International Festival of the Family and Child in Tangier. Afraa sang Fairuz’s famous song Khedni Ala Blade with great passion.

The academy projected a video presentation listing the different projects they have worked on. Stressing life quality within educational walls as the basis of quality education. The projects worked on achieving equality between rural and urban areas. They have also worked on improving education in rural areas. They stressed that quality education is a priority that goes hand in hand with extra-curricular activities. They have also pointed out culture integration as an integral part of facilitating future graduates’ integration within a new culture. They have also covered the different learning styles they have adopted during the Covid-19 lockdown and to what extent learners have adapted to them.

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