Covid-19 Outbreak shuts down the Largest University Hospital in Morocco.

Covid-19 infection cases among health employees led to the closing of the largest university hospital in Morocco.

As a result of the ever-growing cases the exhaustion of health officials continues.

After the outbreak of Covid-19 among medical and paramedical staff. Ibn-Sina University Hospital Board decided to lockout its doors to patients with the exception of cases of emergencies.

MoroccoTelegram has obtained an internal document which declares the temporary suspension of hospitalization processes, excluding emergency cases. The administration justified this decision by the fact that covid-19 cases are escalating among its staff.

The Ministry of Health hasn’t provided any official data so far concerning the employees’ number of infections. Although cases of death have been recorded, the ministry preferred to remain confidential rather than reveal the numbers of these cases among doctors, nurses, technicians and the rest of the staff.

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