Huge Dispute over Alcohol Tax Increase, House of Representatives.

Balafrej, Socialist Party Parliament Member, mocks the government as a huge dispute erupted over raising Alcoholic beverages’ taxes in the House of Representatives.

House of representatives has witnessed a heated debate between the Majority and the Opposition over the new increase in Alcoholic beverages taxes part of the new project of finance law.

The Majority defends its stand claiming that it’s a way to generate extra financial resources for the state treasury while it’s an effective Alcohol control measure.

Meanwhile, the Opposition advances that the increase in taxes hasn’t proven to be effective as a control measure according to the experience of different countries where alcohol consumption hasn’t decreased whatsoever.

On his part, Omar Balafrej, has mocked the government’s proposal advanced by the Justice and Development party. Expressing his shock over the use of “Haram”,illicit, money generated from Alcohol sales by the Islamic party in order to bounce back the state budget.

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