Bourita’s Speech in Bouznika’s Meeting

Nasser Bourita, Moroccan minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, expressed his views in Bouznika's meeting as follows

Bourita believes that Libyans themselves are able to solve their problems.

From Libyans to Libyans that’s the dialogue’s approach.

Bouznika’s dialogue has jumpstarted a positive dynamism which led to further dialogue with fruitful results.

He added that together, they have transcended from pessimism to hope and optimism. Today, a positive energy dominates.

This energy must continue to bring back Libya’s stability. The Libyan citizen must take back his life and pleasure.

Morocco doesn’t possess an initiative or an approach. Morocco believes in one thing: to stand by Libyans with positive energy, unbiased. To help gather Libyans around one table. Morocco promotes his trust in Libyans ability to overcome obstacles. They proved so during the last three months.

Morocco is strongly convinced that the councils are essential to the mitigation progress of the Lybian crisis. They have territorial and social extensions. They are the essence to come to a solution.

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