A Virtual Sports Challenge from Tangier to Lagouira

Are you ready to travel from Tangier to Lagouira jogging?

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Green March, “GS Sport” has launched a virtual challenge “From Tangier to Lagouira” in partnership with “Moroccan Games and Sports”. It is considered a national sporting and cultural challenge prepared by Moroccans and designed for them.

To address this challenge, “GC Sports” has developed a free application (GYMFLIX) that allows users to convert the calories they burned during all of their sports activities in the gym, football, yoga, or any other exercise to a symbolic distance on a virtual path linking Tangier with El Gouira. Upon departure from Tangier, every burned calorie will bring the participants closer to their arrival point, which is La Gouira. All citizens, regardless of the level of sport or the activity they engage in, are invited to register. Women, men, youth and adults, and people with special needs … The importance of practicing sport for physical and mental health are also at the heart of this challenge.

Othman Bin Ghazaleh, one of the founders of the application, has announced that “this challenge will start on November 6, the date of the celebration of the anniversary of the Green March, followed by the beginning of the race on November 21,” adding: “Moroccans from all over the world will be able to participate for their country through sport and thanks to digital technology”.

On her part, Ghaitha Lahlou, Connection Director at the “Moroccan Games and Sports”, has said that she “chose to support this project because it is innovative, and it carries a noble and patriotic function, as it is fully consistent with the mission of the Maghreb Games and Sports as the first partner of national sport.” “Connecting our history with the practice of sport and the promotion of our cultural heritage is completely in line with our DNA.”

By signing up in the “GYMFLIX” application available on “Google Play” and “Apple store”, participants will be able to determine their place in the training course and evaluate their progress, they will also be able to follow their ranking or the ranking of their team or other participants, and define their next goals to reach the final destination.

Participants will also have a month of virtual jogging to complete 2,300 km, the distance between Tangiers and Lagouira.

The notice has explained that the conversion factor applied by “GYMFLIX” requires the participants to travel a total of 135 km in reality to complete the challenge, an important distance but it can be achieved within the framework of this adventure. The application will also allow users to discover tourist attractions, historical, and natural sites where they will pass through.

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