Consulate of UAE “Deep Confession” of the Moroccanity of Sahara.

El Othmani: Consulate of UAE “Deep Confession” of the Moroccanity of Sahara.

Simultaneously with Moroccan’s celebration of the anniversary of the Green March and the opening of the consulate of UAE in Laayoun; Saad Eddine El Otmani, head of government, said: “opening the consulate of UAE shows the historical, legal, national, and political rights of Morocco in its Sahara”.

This took place Thursday, Novermber 5th, after the weekly governmental meeting via video-conference technology; which was about studying and agreeing on project n° 2.20.788, given by the interior minister, for the purpose of extending the case of health emergency all over the country so as to stop the spread of COVID-19.

El Otmani stated numerous achievements reached during the previous years as well as the current one, including the ongoing openings of consulates in a great number of southern cities. He also pointed not to forget the seven consulates in Dakhla and eight ones in Laayoun.

Subsequently, he thanked all the countries that took the step to show support to Morocco in its fair case. He noted: “the essential principle in this case gives complete clarity, achieves the solidarity and loyalty of the Moroccan people for HM Mohmmed VI King of Morocco. It also shows their perseverance on the supreme national principles”.

Through clarity and perseverance, said head of government, “Thanks to the continuous will, steadiness, and unity of Moroccans with the king, Morocco was able to attain more successive victories for its national case and supreme interests”.

El Othmani called attention to the royal speech in November 2014, in which the king made a point of the continuity of constants associated with this matter. El Othmani reminded others of the king’s royal famous saying: “Morocco will remain in its Sahara and the Sahara in its Morocco until Allah inherits the earth and those on it”.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister brought up the recent Security Council resolution n° 2548 on the case of Moroccan Sahara. It represents progression of what was formerly confirmed by the Council in its decisions during the past years, especially with concerns to speaking highly of the Moroccan initiative for independence as a solid basis for any negotiations on the horizon of finding a final solution to this conflict. Adding to it “the commitment of the Council to a realistic, pragmatic and sustainable political solution based on consensus on the principles determined years ago to meet with a solution to this conflict”.

El Otmani considered the last Security Council resolution calls host countries to initiate the registration and counting of refugees in Tindouf camps, which is the request delivered by the council years ago. “but the other side is still, unfortunately, procrastinating in its execution; whereas the process of counting and registration is the basis for international community’s dealing with refugees everywhere”.

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