Think Twice Before Provoking Morocco

King's Speech: Morocco answers false provocations with wisdom

HM King Mohammed VI said, in a speech on the 45th anniversary of the Green March this evening, that the national occasion that Moroccans celebrate constitutes a unique model in collective commitment, discipline, and adherence. Indicating that through this March, Moroccans demonstrated the ability to raise the bar for challenges and taking back what is theirs, the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

The Royal Speech stressed that the March is not just a prominent national event, but rather a continuous process to consolidate the Moroccan Sahara at the international level. Especially after recent years that have witnessed tangible developments, including the recent decisions of the Security Council, which emphasized the need for the genuine parties to participate in the regional conflict to provide a political solution consistent with the Moroccan initiative for autonomy.

HM King Mohammed VI also mentioned the current situation at the level of the African Union, declaring that the return of the Kingdom of Morocco to this continental organization made it get rid of maneuvers that it had been victim of for many years, noting that the Moroccan return has brought the African Union to constructive initiatives and full support for the efforts of the United Nations.

The royal speech witnessed the king’s appreciation of the country’s legal and diplomatic gains, especially after countries opened consulates in the Moroccan Sahara, drawing attention to the fact that this deal is a clear recognition of the Moroccan Sahara on the one hand and stability and prosperity in the southern provinces of the Kingdom on the other hand.

HM King Mohammed VI reminded that 85 percent of the member states of the United Nations refuse to be led by the maneuvers that promote the fictitious entity. Adding that Morocco affirms the sincere commitment to fully cooperating with the UN Secretary-General to reach a permanent solution according to the autonomy initiative, and it will not be affected by the provocations and desperate maneuvers.

And after highlighting the refusal to obstruct the normal traffic between Morocco and Mauritania, or to change the situation on the eastern side of the Moroccan Sahara, the king declared that the Kingdom adheres to logic and wisdom without compromising the right to block attempts to undermine stability firmly. He also affirmed the country’s confidence in the ability of the United Nations and MINURSO to protect the ceasefire in the area.

On the economic level, King Mohammed VI said that it is high time to invest the qualifications in the maritime field in the Moroccan Sahara, especially after the demarcation of the maritime borders in accordance with international law which was completed this year, indicating the commitment to discuss with Spain away from imposing a one-sided situation to enhance the Economic and social dynamism so that the waterfront opposite Moroccan Sahara, becomes a field for freedom of economic integration and development radiation.

Concerning the “Mediterranean port of Dakhla”, the king declared that it is able to contribute to strengthening this trend and developing a true maritime economy due to the qualifications available to the Moroccan Sahara.  It could be a link with the African depth of the Kingdom of Morocco.


King Mohammed VI added that investment should be made in the marine fields as part of the desalination projects and the production of renewable energies through wind turbines and marine tides, stressing the necessity of promoting marine fishing and giving a new impetus to the “blue scheme” to develop the coastal tourism offer in the Moroccan Sahara.

On the other hand, King Mohammed VI invested the occasion to demand that all Moroccans continue to mobilize and be vigilant in order to raise internal and external challenges and to evoke the values ​​of the victorious green march in all development projects and defend the fair cause of the Kingdom.

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