Moroccan Army Purges “Polisario” Militia

Moroccan army is preparing to purge the area of Guerguarat from militia of separatist Polisario. The latter declares a state of emergency alert.

Credible sources have affirmed to MoroccoTelegram that the Moroccan Army is probably to engage in a large sweeping of the Guerguerat area. The sweeping aims at purging the area from militia of separatist Polisario who intend to ignite conflicts and disturb peace and stability in the area. They have provoked Moroccan soldiers and members of the MINURSU as well as closing the borders’ gate which led to stumbling transportation.

The same sources confirmed that the Moroccan Royal Army will come heavy near the borders’ gate Guergarat following higher instructions from Army Corps of Moroccan Royal Army.

The Royal Army will lie low in Guerguarat area waiting for further instructions to engage in the sweeping of the area. The Military operation is controlled and focused. The mission’s goal is to bring peace and order back to the area.

On his part, HM King of Morocco Mohammed VI, overtly expressed in the Anniversary of the Green March Speech last Saturday that Morocco will firmly defend its southern territories against any attempt to disturb peace and stability. This firm royal statement has deeply provoked the leadership of separatist Polisario which urged to declare a state of emergency alert. They have also urged their members to stay alert and equipped during the coming days.

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