Facebook is stalking you

Facebook removes 8,000 fake accounts due to their involvement in "Misleading Political Influence Campaigns"

On Friday, Facebook has revealed that they have dismantled seven separate networks of fake accounts and pages on its social media platform. The accounts were active in Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Myanmar, Georgia and Ukraine. They were targeted by Facebook due to “coordinated false behavior.”

In its monthly report on “Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior”, The Company that owns the social networking site Facebook announced shutting down nearly 8,000 accounts and pages for their involvement in misleading campaigns around the world last October.

These accounts have engaged in misleading political influence campaigns using fake accounts targeting audiences at their homeland and abroad.

According to the report, a network of accounts and Facebook pages from Egypt, Turkey and Morocco is operated by individuals linked to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which operates various networks of groups in many parts of the Middle Eastern region.

The pages targeted countries in the region and included some IR-related content.

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