Bourita’s Statement at the 5th Summit

Bourita calls for a cooperative approach to face challenges of common interest between Arab countries and the EU.

Minister of Foreign Affairs African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates Nasser Bourita called, last Monday, for adopting a cooperative approach to face common challenges between Arab countries and the European Union.

Bourita expressed in a statement over Video Conference Technology during the Summit’s Fifth meeting of countries of the League of Arab States and the European Union in Athena that: “This shared aspiration to progress dialogue and cooperation channels to a high level starting from a true cooperation and a realistic action plan. Taking into consideration cultural and human aspects to raise present challenges and lay solid foundation for sustainable development which aims at defending common interest of our peoples as well as guaranteeing their well-being.”

He also stressed that the Royal vision is founded on solid grounds expressed in his majesty’s statement at the first Arab-European Summit held in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, February 2nd, 2019. In which HM King Mohammed VI called for an objective and peaceful evaluation of the Arab-European cooperation status. While constructing a holistic and complementary vision of the Arab-European future project which puts priorities first and gathers a controlled vision of realistic goals. In addition to adopting a collaborative and preventive style based on flexible and advanced work mechanisms.

Bourita pointed further that this Royal vision has seen light in today’s Arab-European deep changes. He also added that it must be taken into consideration when updating the priorities’ list and the basis of the strategic dialogue uniting Arab and EU states.

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