Morocco’s New Electronic ID – Financial Cost

Details of the Financial Cost of the Comprehensive Program for the New Moroccan Electronic Identity Card

A recent press release stated that an amount of 220M MAD will be devoted to finance the comprehensive program for the production of new electronic identity cards; while the automatic fingerprints identification system, for the benefit of the General Directorate of National Security in Rabat, will cost about 44.98M MAD.

These operations will be funded by the special fund for developing electronic identity and travel documents. 6.99M MAD will be allocated for the supply of fingerprints and record cards, 90M MAD for the modernization of information technology equipment in relation to the security policy so as to get to information network and strengthen the security mechanisms for the dissemination of digital services in within the project of electronic national identity cards.

It is indicated that the period 2017 – 2019 witnessed the implementation of a set of operations, including the supply of elements for the production of electronic identity cards with an amount of 203.67M MAD, and obtaining a comprehensive program for the new electronic identity card for the General Directorate of National Security at a value of 285.62 M MAD. The acquisition and installation of a platform for identity cards production for the General Directorate was priced at 61.78 M MAD.

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