Amzazi: Contractual Recruitment the Solution to Joblessness

Said Amzazi confirms that contractual recruitment reduced the rate of joblessness.

Said Amzazi, Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, said that the recruitment of teachers by academies shrank the number of unemployment in Morocco.

The minister pointed out that the present and next school school year had produced a total of 102,000 job positions since the beginning of contractual employment in 2016.

Amzazi added, during his presentation of the budget of his ministry in the House of Representatives, which lasted for more than 8 hours yesterday, Tuesday, that thanks to the rate of employment made by the government, “Today, young people are no longer sticking around cafes, thank God, they are now employed.” Thus, the phenomenon of the unemployed coordination protesting in front of the parliament no longer exists.

He also asserted that the educational sector is given priority today thanks to royal instructions, noting that “the education sector budget today constitutes 22 percent of the total state budget; however, financial constraints continue annually.”

Amazazi added that the budget for his sector has rocketed from 48 billion MAD in 2012 to 72 billion MAD in 2021, considering that as a “leapfrog”, adding that the fees of one student in 2017 was equal to 8400 MAD and moved to 9211 MAD in 2019 in the rural world, while in the urban world was equal to 6867 MAD in 2017, to become 7850 MAD in 2019.

Considering the problems facing education in the private sector, the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research asserted that the current law allows him to monitor these educational institutions only from the pedagogical point of view; however, he is not allowed to interfere in the contract between families and private schools.

He also indicated that two new decrees will soon be issued to frame the relationship between private schools and the state. Amzazi confirmed that private institutions whereby one Million Moroccan students study, as they host 140,000 teachers and employees, made great efforts during Corona lock-down period, revealing that 68,000 private institutions went bankrupt and closed their doors. In addition to that, 140,000 students moved from private to public schools.

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