US: Republicans add Another Seat in US Senate

Joe Biden would have to use his talents for dialogue and negotiation

The US Senate is on track to remain Republican. The party of outgoing President Donald Trump retained an additional seat on Wednesday in the upper house of Congress, with a victory in Alaska, which puts it in a majority vote.

GOP Incumbent Dan Sullivan was easily re-elected, with more than 57% of the vote, according to projections by CNN and NBC television channels. His victory confirms the good performance of the Republican Party in the Congressional elections, which were held on November 3 at the same time as the presidential election which saw the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

Two seats are still to be filled which will be played in a double by-election on January 5 in the conservative state of Georgia and the Republicans now have 50 seats, against 48 for the Democrats in this chamber of 100.

So the Democrats would have to win those two seats to catch up with the Republicans and give Joe Biden more leeway to implement his policies because it would then be the voice of Vice-President Kamala Harris who would decide the votes in the event of a 50-50 tie.

No law can be passed in the United States without the upper house, which also has the power to approve the president’s appointments: his ministers, ambassadors, and judges, including members of the Supreme Court. If the Senate remained Republican, Joe Biden, who sat there for 36 years, would have to use his talents for dialogue and negotiation. The president-elect said he was convinced on Tuesday he could bring together a sufficient number of parliamentarians from the other side.

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