“Polisario” Militia set fire to tents and flee the Area

After the peaceful intervention of Moroccan Army, separatist "Polisario" flee the area of Guerguarat

After setting fire to the tents, the Polisario mercenaries are running from the Moroccan army.
Following the dangerous and unacceptable provocations of the “Polisario” militia in the buffer zone of Guerguerat in the Moroccan Sahara, “Morocco decided to act out in full respect for the powers vested in it.”
Morocco’s step came after it committed itself to the utmost restraint owing that it had no choice but to put an end to the state of obstruction resulting from these moves and re-establish freedom of civil and commercial movement.
The “Polisario” gang and its militias sneaked around the region since October 21, 2020, carried out gang acts there, obstructing the movement of people and goods on this road axis, as well as constantly restricting the work of the military observers of MINURSO.
After the Moroccan forces moved, the Polisario members, in the sight of the MINURSO forces, set fire to the tents, before they fled on board their vehicles.

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