Launch of the Curriculum Framework of Second Chance Schools – New Generation

The aim is the requalification of school dropouts

As part of the implementation of the action plan presented before His Majesty King Mohammed VI at the beginning of the academic year of 2018, and which gave a strong impetus to the program of Second Chance Schools, The Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research has launched the sharing of the curriculum framework for Second Chance Schools – New Generation and their management kit.

A joint communiqué by the Ministry and the UNICEF stated that the drafting of this educational and training reference document in Second Chance School centers falls within the framework of implementing the existing cooperation program. It is also the result of a joint work between the two bodies, financially supported by the Canadian government (1st phase) and the British government (2nd phase).

The curriculum framework aims at the requalification of school dropouts, with a view to ensuring their pedagogical, social and economic integration. This is another important step towards the implementation of the Framework Law 51-17 on education, training and scientific research, especially Project No. 5 which aims at “ensuring remedial schooling and improving the efficiency of non-formal education”.

The communiqué concluded that this is also an opportunity to empower young people and equip them with the skills of today to keep pace with digital and technological progress. In this regard, the Ministry is working to benefit from international experiences in this field by opening up to the French Second Chance Schools’ network, as well as that of other Mediterranean countries.

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