Morocco’s Armed Forces: Guerguerat Border Crossing is now fully secured.

Morocco Royal Army forced the elements of the Polisario militias to escape without recording any casualties

A statement released Friday evening by Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces announced that the Guerguerat border crossing between Morocco and Mauritania is completely secured via a security cordon, under the highest instructions of His Majesty the King, the Supreme Commander and Chief of the Royal Armed forces.

The statement assured that Morocco’s armed forces executed the security operation with respect to clear rules of intervention that require to avoid any contact with civilians according to the High Instructions of his Majesty the King Mohammed VI.

The same source added that during the operation, the armed militias of the Polisario opened fire on the Royal Armed forces, which retaliated, and forced the elements of these militias to escape without recording any casualties, confirming that this operation comes after the Polisario militias’ blockade of the Guergueret border crossing.

The communiqué highlighted that the militiamen of the Polisario separatists voluntarily set fire to the encampment they had erected then boarded pickups and trucks and fled east and south, “under the eyes of MINURSO observers”.

The statement concluded that “the Guerguerat crossing is now completely secure through a security cordon ensuring the flow of goods and people through the passage between the two border posts.

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