Saudi Arabia: Sahara is Moroccan

Mohamed Ben Salman: Saudi Arabia Refuses to Prejudice the Supreme Interests of the Kingdom of Morocco, and Saudi Businessmen Will Visit the Southern Regions of Morocco to Invest in Them.

Mohamed Ben Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports the Moroccan territorial integrity with everything it has, and declares its solidarity with its political and security issues, emphasizing the refusal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to prejudice the supreme interests of the Kingdom of Morocco.

He wrote in a post on his Facebook page: “Sahara is in its Morocco until Allah inherits the earth and those on it,” stressing that Saudi Arabia will address the file of the Moroccan Sahara, saying “in few, we will talk about the Moroccan Sahara file, we are with the truth inshaallah.”

Ben Salman revealed that Saudi businessmen are expected to visit the southern Moroccan regions so as to invest in them as part of Saudi Arabia’s contribution to the development of these regions and its support for the Moroccan territorial integrity. In addition, he noted that Morocco and Saudi Arabia share the same political and economic visions.

He commented on what is currently happening in Al-Guarguarat, after the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “supports the measure taken by the Kingdom of Morocco to establish freedom of civil and commercial movement in the buffer zone of Guarguarat, in the Moroccan Sahara, condemning any practices that threaten traffic at this crossing link between Morocco and Mauritania.”

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