Morocco Royal Armed Forces: No Room for Provocations

The Royal Armed Forces have responded to the provocations carried out by separatist “Polisario” militia who kept shooting along the Security Wall

..Rabat – members of the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces responded to separatist “Polisario” provocations of shooting along the security wall, according to what was reported by “The Royal Armed Forces – Morocco” group on Facebook.

The same source clarified that “since the 13th November 2020, separatist “Polisario” militia has carried out provocations by shooting along the security wall without causing any human or material damage in the rows of the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces.

The group added that, in implementation of orders not to tolerate provocations of this kind, elements of the Royal Armed Sources responded firmly to these provocations; which resulted in the destruction of a mechanism for carrying weapons in the east of the security wall in the “Mahbas” area.

Separatist “Polisario” Militia have engaged in other provocations. “Polisario” gangs have gathered around the Moroccan Consulate in Spain and lowered the Moroccan flag to replace it with an imaginary flag that supposedly represents a non-existing front.

The consul interfered by bringing a ladder and taking off the piece of cloth. It does not represent anything in reality. He then erected back the vivid Moroccan flag. Amidst the huge rage of the Polisario Gang protesting in front of the consulate. Check Video Here.

Security staff have interfered to disperse the gang. Amidst huge anger looking at the erect Morocco Flag.

On their part, the Spanish government has condemned these actions and promised to investigate the matter. Spain is fully responsible for protecting and providing security for all consulates and consulate members. Which in that case could have gone wrong.

The gang could have hurt the consul. Their rage is obvious over the lost case of separatist “Polisario”.

Other forms of provocations are carried out by separatist “Polisario” media through publishing tons of fake news. Taking old pictures and coming up with imaginary fake stories about them.

However, Moroccan media outlets are clarifying the true stories behind the pictures. This clears the fog over any misinterpretations or fake news.

Morocco Armed Forces have displayed a professional and ethical spirit during the blockade of Guerguerat Crossing.

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