Moroccans in Switzerland welcome Guerguerat Interventions

Securing Guerguerat Crossing: Moroccans in Switzerland welcome Moroccan Intervention

Geneva – The Moroccan community in Switzerland has expressed its full support for Morocco’s peaceful and life-saving intervention to unblock Guerguarat crossing linking Morocco to Mauritania and to secure the flow of goods and people through this buffer area.

In a joint press release intended to enlighten Swiss and international public opinion, the Moroccan Sahara association in Switzerland, the Socio-Cultural Noor association in Montreux, the Moroccan association of Geneva, and the Rabita Morocco Switzerland Association have recalled that the intervention of Morocco in Guerguarat made it possible to put an end to the provocations of the separatist group which endangers the stability not only of the region, but also of the African continent and its European neighbors.

“For three weeks, militias of the Polisario, an armed separatist group created, financed and hosted by Algeria, proceeded to block traffic in the buffer zone of Guerguarat, on the main road connecting Morocco and Mauritania ”, Recalls the press release, noting that despite the appeals of the Secretary General of the United Nations and of several countries, and despite the resolutions of the Security Council urging the Polisario to withdraw its militias, this armed separatist group has persisted in its actions of obstruction of civil and commercial mobility.

After having observed the great restraint in the face of the multiple incursions of the Polisario in the buffer zone, the Royal Armed Forces intervened to unblock the situation, restore the free movement of goods and people and secure the passage, recall these associations.

“We would like to express our full support for Morocco’s decision to act to put an end to the serious and dangerous provocations of the Polisario which seeks to destabilize the region after its failures on the political and diplomatic levels”, they noted.

The actions of this armed group, they stressed, are a threat to the stability and security of the Sahel-Saharan zone, but also of Europe. “We thus call on Swiss, European and international public opinion to address these provocations harmful to regional peace and stability”, the statement added.

These associations also called “to put an end to the ordeal and suffering endured by the sequestered populations in the Tindouf camps, led by the Polisario, in southern Algeria, by allowing them to return with dignity to the mother country, Morocco”.

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