Chile: “Polisario” is the Problem

Moroccan Sahara: “Polisario” scaffolds provocations and creates conflicts to stay alive (Chilean portal)

Santiago – Separatist “Polisario” front is building up provocations and creating conflicts in order to keep itself alive and hamper a political solution to the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara, the Chilean portal “El Siete” wrote on Tuesday.

In an article titled “Guerguerat Crisis: The False Polisario War”, the Chilean portal pointed out that “as in the worst dictatorships, Polisario stirs up provocations and continually creates conflicts to keep itself alive and hijack the attention to what is really important: to end this conflict and save those who live in the suffering camps in Tindouf ”.

For the author of the article, Juan Carlos Moraga, deputy director of the NGO Human Rights Without Borders, “Polisario is today a serious political and diplomatic problem for the Algerian authorities” which “pollutes their own history while keeping, in their territory, a group without soul ”.

He also noted that Morocco’s decision to restore free movement at the Guergueret border crossing complies with international law.

“The Royal Armed Forces, in accordance with international standards and with great professionalism, have restored normality, providing security and guarantees to those who use this border crossing, an operation carried out without causing any casualties”, added the Chilean portal.

In short, the “Polisario carries out activities which threaten regional security, not only in the Maghreb countries, but well beyond”, warned the Chilean media, for which the Polisario is the real “problem” in the region.

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