Google Celebrates Morocco’s Independence Day

The search engine Google celebrates today the 65th anniversary of Morocco's independence.

The search engine “Google” celebrates the 65th anniversary of Morocco’s independence. Google placed a picture of the Moroccan national flag, in the place of its logo.

When you click on the Moroccan flag, you run into information about Morocco and the national struggle for independence. You can also get videos on the history of Morocco and the most prominent stations of the national resistance.

This is not the first time that “Google” participates in the celebration of national holidays with Moroccans. Just like other countries, the American giant aims to show its interest in users from different countries of the world.

Google Maps: No more borders between Morocco and its Sahara.

Amidst the rapid changes Morocco witnesses these days. Google has taken this golden opportunity to show consolidation and recognition of Morocco’s Anniversary of the Independence Day.

Google has also shown a good sign of support by deleting the imaginary borders separating Morocco with its Sahara on Google Maps. A gesture full of interpretations for Moroccans and the international community.

The Moroccan Sahara has been the subject of huge debate world-wide through various false accusations. Lately, Separatist “Polisario” militia have taken a step further and blocked the road leading from Morocco to Mauritania through the Guerguerat crossing. A gesture of stubbornness and hopelessness. The imaginary separatist front has tried to push it a step and blocked the Guerguerat Crossing. Thus, blocking the movement of traffic and civilians.

Many countries have been impacted by this blockade. Mauritania’s economy has witnessed a crisis and a sharp rise in prices. Different Mauritanian activists have called for Mauritania to intervene and withdraw its previous recognition of separatist “Polisario” as this latter has led the country to famine and crisis.

Morocco, after a long period of patience and negotiation, has finally engaged the Royal Armed Forces to intervene peacefully in liberating Guerguerat crossing from Separatist “Polisario” Militia who have fled the area in fear.


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