Separatist Aminatou Haidar Prohibited From Traveling

Health Authorities have prohibited Aminatou Haidra form traveling to Las Palmas. Authorities say that the passenger is COVID-19 positive. As a result, Royal Air Maroc Arlines prohibited her from boarding.

Health Authorities prohobited Aminatou Haidra from traveling to Las Palmas due to her Covid-19 infection.

Health authorities in Laayoune prohibited Separatist Aminatou Haidar from boarding the Royal Air Maroc (RAM) flight to Las Palmas. This evening, November 18th.

Passenger Aminatou Haidar was COVID-19 positive, stated the communiqué by Authorities at Hassan I Airport in Laayoune, Southern Morocco. This was confirmed by a document issued by the Ministry of Health, and exclusively shared with Morocco Telegram.

In addition to that, reliable sources indicated that health authorities in Laayoune informed the person in question of their decision to prevent her from traveling until ensuring her full recovery.

As a response, Aminatou posted a video of herself claiming that this prohibition is illegal, adding that Spanish territory does not require any tests to enter; a decision which will remain applicable until November 23rd.

And following the dissemination of false information regarding the incident. The RAM stated that in accordance with the state of health emergency protocol. Health authorities have seized the National Company in Laayoune to report a COVID-19 case. Authorities have therefore prevented the passenger from boarding flight AT1418 from Laayoune to Las Palmas on Wednesday, November 18th.

Covid-19 Health Emergency State

It should also be recalled that in accordance with Royal Air Maroc procedures and those of almost all airlines, COVID-19 positive people cannot board a flight in order to protect other passengers from the risk of contamination. Moreover, it is useful to remember, people infected with Covid-19 must follow a strict 14-day confinement. They should also avoid all types of contact with others.

It’s worth noting that the Kingdom of Morocco has set strict measures to deal with the spread of Covid-19 within the different Moroccan regions. The country is still on a prolonged health emergency state as the infection numbers are still plummeting among Moroccans.

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