NY City Closes Public Schools Again

New York City closes Public Schools due to the rise of Covid-19 cases, NY City Mayor has decided to opt for distance learning again.

New York city Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has announced that school systems will shut down another time. This is due to a 3% rate of infection over one week rolling average.

The decision will take place starting from today Thursday, November 19th. The Mayor affirmed that the situation in schools is stable and safe. However, the 3% rate will force them to shut down schools to avoid the spread of infections.

On the other hand, Gyms, Restaurants and public transport are still functioning. However, they are taking strict preventive measures. Such as, social distancing and reduced capacity.

Parents on the other hand have relied on schools to take care of their children while they are out working. Thus, this closure will perplex working parents on how to deal with their children.

Schools in NY reopened at the end of September to opt for an in-person education.

The decision to shut down public schools has come after long calculations to make sure that the percentage is exactly 3%.

New York has set an example in dealing with the spread of Covid-19. It has witnessed a low infection rate. Yet, this decision came as a preventive measure to limit the spiral spread of the infection.

The Mayor has announced that this decision is the start of other measures to come. Especially that other public services are still operating. The fight over the spread of Covid-19 is an 0n-going process.

The Mayor has mentioned that this decision is temporary and that schools will re-open soon. The re-opening of schools is still unclear but it is going to solve a huge problem for parents who count on schools for their kids care.

The Mayor took the chance to urge New Yorkers to take preventive measures seriously in order to lower the rate of Covid-19 infections. Thus, lead to the re-opening of schools and going back to the normal life style.

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