Ait Taleb: Vaccination Against Corona Safe and Clinical Trials Positive

priority will be given to frontline citizens who are vulnerable according to instructions of H.M the King.

Khalid Ait Taleb, Moroccan Minister of Health, revealed details on the unprecedented wide-ranging national process, which aims to secure the population with a vaccine as an appropriate method for immunization against the virus and controlling its spread.  The Royal Cabinet announced that the results of clinical studies prove safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

In his response to an oral question, on Tuesday, about Morocco’s participation in clinical trials to get to a vaccine against Coronavirus, presented by Justice and Development Party at the Council of Advisors; Ait Taleb stated that the partnership agreement concluded to give Morocco the transfer of expertise, especially because clinical trials of the vaccine are conducted for the first time in history. Ait Taleb explained that Morocco will produce this vaccine soon and make use of clinical trials to be among the first beneficiaries.

The minister clarified that all indications confirm that these clinical trials, which 600 Moroccan volunteers took part of, had very positive results; with the presence of a scientific committee keeping pace with the vaccine process. He added “this confirms the safety, efficacy, and immunity of the vaccine, which the kingdom has bet on.”

the minister of Health added “the process will cover citizens over the age of 18 according to a schedule in two vaccinations,” spotlighting that “priority will be given to frontline citizens who are vulnerable according to instructions of H.M the King.”

The Minister of Health validated that communication campaigns carried out by the ministry work to confirm that like all vaccines, the vaccine is traditional, and that it has been tested and proves safe.

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