Omar Hilale: Sahara referendum is “well dead and buried”

Polisario is resorting to propaganda while Morocco is sticking to facts

In his live interview with CNN today November 20th, Omar Hilale, Morocco’s UN ambassador affirmed that he still stands by his latest statement in which he considered the Sahara’s referendum “well dead and buried for more than two decades.”

It should be recalled that Sidi Omar, Polisario’s representative to the UN joined CNN earlier this week and accused Morocco of being an “occupying force”. The separatist also claimed that Morocco “has fatally undermined the 1991 Ceasefire” by taking military actions in Guerguerat, and therefore considering the country’s commitment to ceasefire a “bluff”.

As a response to the allegations, Hilale reminded us all of what happened on October 21st when Polisario used women and children to block the crossing border of Guerguerat. He also explained that the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the Security Council were alerted immediately and consequently demanded Polisario’s withdrawal from the area. Following Polisario’s refusal to comply, Morocco had no other option but to respond, under the eyes of UN members, with a completely civil operation which led the Polisario to finally flee the area.

Hilale also stated that “Polisario is resorting to propaganda while Morocco is sticking to facts” and pointed out that His Majesty the King Mohammed VI spoke to the UN Secretary General and reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to the Ceasefire Agreement as well as the whole political process.

Moreover, Morocco’s UN ambassador said that the only political solution that Morocco is suggesting to maintain peace in the area is a “large autonomy under the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco”, a solution which has been considered “credible” by the UN Security Council.

On a final note, Omar Hilale added that “we are not going to war, but we are ready to defend civilians, to defend our territory and our territorial integrity”, emphasizing the international community’s support regarding Morocco’s recent actions in Guerguerat.

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