National Association of Media and Editors Visits Guerguerat

Sahara: NAME Delegation Visiting RAF in support of Guerguarat

Casablanca – A delegation from the National Association of Media and Editors (NAME) paid a visit to Guerguarat border crossing on Saturday, in support of the Royal Armed Forces (RAF) and their efforts to guarantee security and stability in this region of the Moroccan Sahara.

The purpose of the trip was to express the NAME’s attachment to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and recognition for the sacrifices of the RAF who, after having long shown restraint and patience, put an end to the actions of separatist Polisario having blocked the free movement of people and goods with Mauritania for more than three weeks, the Association said in a statement on Sunday.

The delegation, led by NAME President Abdelmounaïm Dilami, saw firsthand the normal return of flow at the crossing, where “it has received testimonies of satisfaction, both on the Moroccan and Mauritanian sides, as to the ‘firm intervention by the RAF, on the high instructions of His Majesty the King, to restore the situation,’ underlines the same source.

The members of the delegation “also noted the nature of the objects abandoned on the spot by the separatists after their escape which tells a lot about the present and future situation of separatist “Polisario” perfectly aware that they have committed suicide in Guerguarat”, continues the press release.

The visit is part of the frame of reference fixed by the NAME since its creation by stipulating that “the profession of journalism goes hand in hand with the defense of the great causes of the Kingdom in a clear, courageous and unequivocal manner, at their head the question of the territorial integrity and the Moroccan character of the Sahara, which constitutes a sacred value for all Moroccan women and men ”.

In a statement to the press, the president of NAME expressed the feelings of pride and enthusiasm of the delegation to be present in this part of the national territory, noting that the members of the Association, as well as all media professionals, show a deep desire to visit the region and strongly support the action of the RAF to free and secure the border crossing.

And to continue: “We were impatient to arrive at the station. We had a particular feeling during this special trip, with sublime objectives and which offered the opportunity to show our unfailing support to our Royal Armed Forces and to all those who hold their positions in the region ”.

“The place seemed completely secure to us, in the absence of any sign of any danger,” assured Mr. Dilami, who was accompanied by Bahia Amrani, Brahim Mansour, Driss Chahtane and Mokhtar Laghzioui.

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