BCIJ demolishes ISIS-Linked Terrorist Cell

This Monday, The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) was able to dismantle a terrorist cell as part of its continuous efforts to confront terrorist threats that endanger the security and safety of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The terrorist cell is composed of three individuals that are associated with ISIS, whose ages range from 26 to 28 years old, and are active in the cities of Inezgane and Ait Maloul.

The Bureau stated that according to the researches and preliminary investigations carried out, the leader of this cell, together with his associates, announced their pledge of allegiance to the alleged caliph of ISIS, right before planning to carry out the terrorist operations aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the Kingdom.

The same source added that their research and tracking procedures indicated that the members of this terrorist cell were searching for firearms, materials, and products used in the manufacture of IEDs, while encouraging other terrorist operations of “ISIS” in a number of foreign countries.

According to the report, this operation resulted in the seizure of large and medium-sized white arms, in addition to electronic devices and manuscripts of extremist nature.

The statement added that the operation comes against a backdrop of increased terrorist threats to the security of the Kingdom and the persistence of individuals who have been deluded and influenced by an extremist ideology to serve the subversive agenda of various terrorist organizations.

According to the same report, the suspects were kept under the measure of pre-trial detention, in order to deepen the search with them, under the supervision of the public prosecutor, pending their presentation to justice as soon as the search procedures were completed.

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