Death of Former Mauritanian President

Death of the Former Mauritanian President Sidi Mohammed Ould Sheikh Abdullah

Nouakchott – according to what the Mauritanian presidency reported, the former president of Mauritania, Sidi Mohammed Ould Sheikh Abdullah, died at the age of 82, on Sunday night – Monday, in Nouakchott.

The Mauritanian presidency declared a three-day national mourning following his death.

Sidi Mohammed Ould Sheikh Abdullah, who was born in 1938, took over the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania from April 19, 2007 to August 6, 2008.

The late also held several positions, including Minister of State in charge of economics, in Mukhtar Ould Daddah government (1971 – 1978). In 1986, he was appointed as Minister of Water and Energy, then Economy and Fishing in the time of former president Maaouiya Ould Sid’Ahmed Taya.

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