Orange the World: Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence

"16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence" Campaign initiated from  November 25th, to December 10th.

Rabat – The global campaign “16 Days of Activism to fight Violence against Females” of 2020 that highlights the increasing and aggravating vulnerability of women in the light of current crises starts from November 25th which coincides with the The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to December 10th which coincides with International Human Rights Day.

A report by UN Women, the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, stated that in light of the Covid-19 crisis, the campaign issue for the 2020 edition will revolve around a topic under the following slogan: “The aggravating and increasing vulnerability of females in light of crises”, indicating that this topic falls within the framework of Morocco’s international obligations, which was recently confirmed by the declaration that the Kingdom launched with other member states, providing support to the United Nations Secretary-General’s appeal on violence against women and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report stated that this year’s campaign which comes under the official hashtag #Démasquons_la_violence #Orangetheworld aims to reveal the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the more vulnerable women, especially those who are subject to intersecting forms of discrimination and inequality; including women in rural areas, immigrants, refugees, women with disabilities, elderly women and single mothers and females with HIV.

He added that the health crisis which has swept the whole world has specifically aggravated the prevailing inequalities and gender-based discrimination which increased the suffering of females, whether through the increase in domestic and family violence or through the loss of their income-generating activities, as the majority of women work in the informal sector and in fields which have got affected by the crisis.

The same source added that this year’s campaign will take on an unprecedented look in consideration of the health situation imposed by the Coronavirus and it will be exclusively informative and digital so that everyone can benefit from it, whether at the territorial level or outside the borders, indicating that educational and entertaining tools will be developed in this regard to spread awareness. The latter will also be launched through social media outlets of the two founding partners, civil society organizations, United Nations’ agencies, and the channels of media partners’ written press, radio, and television.

The communiqué indicated that this campaign which has been organized annually since 2008 at the invitation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations constitutes a call for public mobilization, highlighting that over sixteen days in partnership with the United Nations development system in Morocco, national institutions, civil society organizations, the media, private sector institutions, diplomatic representatives and international cooperation agencies will all organize a set of activities to sensitize and educate the general public about the phenomenon of gender-based violence, a violation of human rights, to strengthen the advocacy for the elimination of “violence against women” and provide information on the services available to women and girls in case they are exposed to such acts.

The source added that “Orange the World” process which witnessed the joining of new partners this year will be organized like all previous years, aiming to illuminate and decorate a group of monuments and prominent buildings around the world in orange throughout the campaign to raise awareness about the phenomenon of violence against women and girls.

The report also indicated that the headquarters of the General Directorate of National Security and Parliament, the Mohammed VI suspension bridge, the Rabat-Agdal train station, and Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art will be lit in orange this year in Morocco as evidence of the commitment of these institutions to the urgent necessity to eliminate violence against females. In addition to this, public transportation in the Rabat-Salé region will also be painted orange, and awareness messages will be broadcast on it to enhance communication about this campaign.

The communiqué concluded with the UN in Morocco expressing its thanks and gratitude to transportation, communication, and media outlets for the commitment and involvement they have shown in this campaign by spreading awareness on a large scale.

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